We will be at Aquatech 2019, Amsterdam

Aquatech Amsterdam is the world's leading water fair for the purification and treatment of water and wastewater. We will be there from November 5 to 8.

The scientific facts about plastic

Test about your knowledge of micro-plastics to help us raise awareness. Do you know your single-use microplastics? Test your knowledge in the questionnaire on pollution of plastics in the ocean Source: BBC

Microplastic discovered in humans all over the planet

A new global study that provides the first real evidence that microplastics are now within humans raises serious concerns about the implications for health. This is according to Bluewater, a world leader in water purification technology and solutions. Article in English. (Source: Bluewater group).

Giant plastic hunter for the Pacific to clean the ocean.

When a Dutch teenager went swimming in the sea in Greece seven years ago, he was surprised to see more plastic than fish. In fact, Boyan Slat was so horrified by the pollution that he soon started campaigning to clean the oceans. For a long time, few people took him seriously. Here was a boy who left the university with a crazy idea that surely could never work. (Source BBC).