“Solutions that save you space, help you save up to 280% of water compared to traditional technologies, excellent purification and safety.”

At DEIAX-AQUOS® our solutions in the nautical sector are specialized in purification and water treatment. We adapt to your needs and the characteristics of your yacht. Not only can we offer you solutions that adapt to your needs, but also provide you with high quality solutions with high performance and functionality.

Thanks to our solutions you can not only enjoy purified water to drink at any point of your boat, but also connect it to your coffee machine, ice machine, dishwasher among others. So you can have a total solution on your boat.

At DEIAX-AQUOS® it is very important to make sure that our clients when sailing enjoy their yachts without problems. Therefore we value and understand the importance of offering a technical service 365 days a year to solve any problem that may arise.

We offer a turnkey service, ability to speak several languages, ability to advise you with the product that suits your needs, offer a comprehensive installation (equipment and plumbing included) and if you wish, we offer our preventive maintenance program, so you do not worry about anything 365 days.

Our customers usually favor the BLUEWATER PRO water purifier. This water purifier is extremely compact and with an almost infinite water capacity. Its main features are:

Bluewater Pro 600 Series


With a capacity of 8,002 liters of water per day. The Bluewater Pro 600 removes most of the known contaminants transmitted by water. Taking advantage of the state-of-the-art SuperiorOsmosis™ technology, the Bluewater Pro 600 allows you to have all your yacht with high quality purified drinking water.

  • Compact 225 x 430 x 466 mm and 29 kg.
  • Capacity > 8.002 litros / day and 5,2 l/min.
  • Designed, innovated and made in Sweden.

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You have water to drink fresh and instantly, avoid buying or storing bottled water, enjoy a crystalline tableware without white spots (we see video) , connect the purifier to your dishwasher), cubes of crystalline and pure ice, connect several faucets in different points of your house, connect your coffee maker and even a water dispenser like the Fizz30 to drink cold water, with gas, hot and weather.

  • 1,000 liters; produces 700 liters purified and only rejects 300 liters; an efficiency of 70%.
  • A traditional 1,000-liter reverse osmosis system produces 250 liters purified and rejects 750 liters; an efficiency of 25%.
  • The result is very important savings, a quick amortization and a responsable water consumption (see vídeo).









Contact one of our experts and we will introduce you to our concept of professional nautical solutions.