Office solutions

“Good for your employees, good for you, good for the planet”

At DEIAX-AQUOS®, we specialize in purified water solutions with customizable reusable bottles for your office.

Thus your employees, customers and visitors, can have access to purified guage of maximum safety and quality, with unique, compact design equipment and reduce your water bill between 70% and 100% versos traditional technologies of Reverse Osmosis.

You can also connect additional peripherals if you wish, such as our dispensers to offer cold water, gas or weather.

You can also customize your own reusable glass bottles, choose from different formats and offer these bottles to your employees.

In DEIAX-AQUOS®, we want to highlight that our purification solutions SuperOsmosis™, patented Swedish technology; It is the market system with less water consumption, more compact, with greater capacity and water flow and with a long life membrane.

In addition, we help you with turnkey solutions, where we take care to visit you to understand your needs, analyze your water, advise you with the best solution and execute a turnkey solution.

All these advantages translate into benefits such as significant savings on your water bill, fewer stops for maintenance, cutting-edge and compact designs, more space in your offices, better hydrated employees, boost your brand and contribute to the environment with fewer plastic bottles on our coasts and a responsible water consumption .

The main benefits of Office Solutions are:






Contact one of our experts and we will introduce you to our concept of officce solutions.