Terms and condidions

DEIAX-AQUOS® legal name DEIAX-GLOBAL SLU, Carretera de Andratx 32, local 4, 07181 Calvià, Illes Balears e C.I.F. B16528606, a company specialized in the distribution and installation of water treatment and filtration equipment.

1. Responsibility

DEIAX-AQUOS® has no civil responsibility for the quality of the water. This responsibility falls on the client. It is the responsibility of the client to immediately inform DEIAX-AQUOS® in the event that he or she shows any anomaly in the water (taste, smell, color or other conditions) to the email info@deiax-aquos.com or by phone at 971 77 83 6. The Client is responsible to immediately inform DEIAX-AQUOS® in the event that the equipment has any of the alarms turned on. The purification equipment should never be turned off (electricity and water) for a period of more than 1 week since the equipment performs an automatic membrane cleaning wash. Otherwise, the membrane can be repair and there is a risk of bacteria growth. In the even that this happens, this cost for sanitation and possibly membrane change, the cost would be borne by the client. The quality of the water can damage the equipment, particularly the hardness. For those clients with water softeners, it is client’s responsibility to always maintain the water softener (if you have one) and to always have salt in it. Otherwise, equipment that requires low hardness, such as many purifiers (below 10 German dH), dispensers, pumps, UV lights among other, may be damaged due to lime accumulation. In this case, the client will be responsible for any damage caused to the equipment. In the event that a hibernation process is necessary for long periods (softeners purifiers, dispensers or UV lights), please contact DEIAX-AQUOS® or follow the recommendations of the manufacturer’s manuals. In all installations, it is the Clients’ responsibility to supervise the installation for the next 48 hours after installation in case there is a water leak.
All the equipment which treats water specially for human drinking water, it is required to perform regular filter changes (every 6 or 12 months depending on the model) and perform a sanitation of the equipment to kill any micro-organism that may contaminate the machine over time. It is recommended that the sanitation is perform by qualified personnel, but DEIAX-AQUOS also has sanitation kits available for sale for end customers DEIAX-AQUOS®. This is especially important for water purifiers and dispensers. For Ultra Violet lights, which are non-LED technology, the customer is responsible to keep good care of the pre-filtration and change the light bulb of the Ultra Violet once a year to guaranty an effective sterilization of the microbes.
DEIAX-AQUOS® will not be responsible for any damage caused in your establishment or home by a water leak related to the equipment installed and sold. In most cases, if a leak exists and is reported immediately (hours after installation), no further damage will occur. DEIAX-AQUOS® is not responsible for water leaks, which have been evident for hours, days or weeks or weeks and the client has not reported it. In the event of a leak during the warranty period (3 months), DEIAX-AQUOS® will send a technician and fix the leak free of charge (only the cost of the material and the parking if necessary). DEIAX-AQUOS® without any exception, is responsible for problems or damages caused after an installation of DEIAX-AQUOS®. Any manipulation of the equipment without authorized and certified personnel, the responsibility falls on the client. Products may only be used in accordance with the manufacturers’ terms and conditions of use. These are described in their manuals. If these products are used for other purposes, DEIAX-AQUOS® is not responsible for the damage caused. However, nothing in these general terms and conditions will affect the consumer’s legal rights for defective products.
Within 14 days after the purchase or installation of the product, the Client will check the Products for visible defects and / or damage. If this is the case, the Client will not use the relevant products and will contact DEIAX-AQUOS® to exchange the relevant products.
DEIAX-AQUOS® only supplies the products for professional, domestic and private use. If the Client uses the products for any other commercial or resale purpose, DEIAX-AQUOS® will have no liability to the Client.
In professional selling, DEIAX-AQUOS® cannot be claimed for any loss of profit, loss of business, business interruption or loss of business opportunity. This responsibility falls on the Client.
In any case, if there is damage caused to the material during installation; as it can be scratched, hole, breakage of a piece of furniture, etc; in materials or objects such as furniture, pikes, marbles, countertops, bars, walls, floors, etc; both parties will reach a commercial agreement to solve the problem. In the event that the parties do not reach an agreement, the Client would have to present 1 budget and DEIAX-AQUOS® another budget for companies in Palma de Mallorca with at least 5 years in the sector. Once presented, the average of the two budgets will be chosen and the cost will be shared equally via an official invoice to both parties.
All machines that are installed are determined where (location) the machines are installed. Any change of place must be reported in writing to info@deiax-aquos.com and receive the consent of DEIAX-AQUOS®. Otherwise DEIAX-AQUOS® is not responsible for any problem, complaint or damage caused related with the change of place of a machine.

2. Termination of business

When a Client is bankrupt or breaches this agreement (and in the event of a reparable breach, if the client has remedied the breach within 14 days of notification from DEIAX-AQUOS®) DEIAX-AQUOS® may terminate this agreement.

3. Guarantees:

DEIAX-AQUOS® responds to the guarantees of the manufacturers of the equipment it sells or rents, which are detailed in the manuals of the equipment and machines. DEIAX-AQUOS® installations are guaranteed for 3 months. Post-installation photographs are taken in all facilities and DEIAX-AQUOS® is only responsible if the equipment has been manipulated by DEIAX-AQUOS® or certified personnel. Equipment warranties are only valid if the Client carries out the maintenance service indicated by the manufacturer and a certified technician.

4. Protection of Personal Data:

Responsible for the treatment: DEIAX GLOBAL SLU. Carretera de Andratx 32, local 4, 07181 Calvià, Illes Balears and CIF B-16528606 Tel. 971 77 83 60. www.deiax-aquos.com

Purpose of the treatment: the purpose of the collection and treatment of data will be to carry out administrative management, billing, as well as to continue keeping you informed of our services and offers. Carry out market studies to measure the quality of our services through satisfaction surveys.

Conservation period: the period of conservation of the data as a Client will be according to the one that requires having the accounting and tax information of the company, at the request of the competent public entity (Tax Agency or jurisdictional bodies).

Legitimation: the data is processed based on the contractual relationship for the provision of services.

Recipients of the data (assignments or transfers): the Data Controller will not assign or communicate the personal data stored in its files to third parties, except in the cases provided by law or when necessary for the provision of the service.

Rights: you may exercise the rights of Access, Rectification, Limitation, Portability, Suppression or, where appropriate, Opposition. To exercise the rights, you must submit a letter to the address indicated above or to the following address: info@deiax-aquos.com. You must specify which of these rights you request to be satisfied and, in turn, must be accompanied by a photocopy of the DNI or equivalent identification document. In the event that you act through a representative, legal or voluntary, you must also provide a document that proves the representation and identification document of the same.

Court: any legal dispute will be carried out in the court of Palma de Mallorca, Spain.