Advice, installation and maintenance

At DEIAX-AQUOS® we help you with the technical solution that best suits your needs and the characteristics of your water.

Making an analysis of your water is the first step to understand the physical and chemical characteristics of your water. With this information along with your needs of the type of solution you desire, our team will advise you and help you execute the right solution.

We want to facilitate the process and experience of working with us. That’s why our solutions are turnkey. Our process is as follow:

If you desire, we can come to your residence, yacht or office, or you can make an appointment with one of our commercial technicians at our Portal Nous showroom. There you will have the possibility to see our solutions, equipment and even test our water on site.

We will also be able to demonstrate to you that our decalcification and purification equipment can reject up to 280% less water than traditional decalcification and purification technologies for drinking water.

At DEIAX-AQUOS® we have a technical service 365 days a year where we can assist you in the event of an emergency. It is an additional added value so you can trust us and have peace of mind.

Premium Purity Plus (PPP) is our preventive maintenance program available at your fingertips. We schedule periodical visits to check your water and equipment. Your benefits are:

  1. Water analysis. We analyse your water and ensure that all the properties are within the right parameters.
  2. Configure your equipment. We re-configure your equipment if needed in order to optimise its efficiency and ensure the best water quality.
  3. Change your filters. We review and change your filters if required so you do not have to worry about anything.
  4. Provisioning of salt. We supply you with the bags of salt for your water softener which are uncomfortable to transport.
  5. Water leakage. We review all the connections of your installation to eliminate any possible leakage of water no matter how small.
  6. Technical service. We attend 365 days in the case of breakdowns without labor cost and displacement.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to make your first appointment with us.