At DEIAX-AQUOS® we strive every day to offer the best water purification and treatment solutions to guarantee the safety, well-being and satisfaction of our customers. In the end, the most important matter is the satisfaction of our customers who have trusted our products and services; therefore, periodically we publish some of the testimonials from our residential and professional customers.

Johan Kalling:

Johan Kalling, tidigare VD Soda Stream Scandinavia och nu Delägare i NOVA del Mar Bar & Restaurant Jag rekommenderar Bluewater H20-vattenrening från DEIAX-AQUOS® på grund av deras unika svensk Filtreringsteknik, service och kvalitet.


TRANSLATION: Johan Kalling, former Soda Stream Scandinavia and now CEO ab doartber for Mar Bar & Restaurant I recommend Bluewater H20 water filtration by DEIAX-AQUOS® due to their unique Swedish filtration technology, service and quality.

Christer Ronnegard:

¨Utmärkt kundhantering. Mycket kunnig om produkterna (Bluewater Spirit 300 HF). Ägaren själv gjorde installationen (på grund av COVID19-situationen) som imponerade på mig och bekräftar min positiva upplevelse.  Jag fick också ett bra erbjudande för ett servicekontrakt¨


TRANSLATION: excellent customer management. Very knowledgeable about the products. (Bluewater Spirit 300 HF). The owner himself did the installation (due to the COVID19 situation) which impressed me and confirms my positive experience. I also received a good offer for an annual preventive maintenance program contract.

Adrián Quetglas, Restaurant D Menú, Palma, owner and General Manager:

¨If I have to list what I like most about the experience with DEIAX AQUOS® it is: the information you have given us was extensive, honest and very important to make a decision about this water. Second in our case by space issues, we needed the equipment to be small. The DEIAX AQUOS® very compact, quiet and beautifully designed. Third, after comparing with other water purification equipment, we conclude that without a doubt the DEIAX-AQUOS® equipment saves the most water and therefore the most ecological ones.¨

Antonio Seguí, Colegio My School, Pollença, owner and CEO:

¨From the first moment I knew that DEIAX-AQUOS® and the Bluewater Swedish products would be the best option for our school. Not only for the efficiency and quality of the system but also for the professionalism of the management, Nils and his team. We strongly recommend Bluewater.¨

Mike Appelqvist, Owner & GM Restaurant La Paloma:

¨Reviewing the market in detail, I have finally found a water purifier that produces a large capacity of water very fast and saves you a lot of space. We are also very happy with the Hague 900 water softener. It consumes half of the salt than the previous model.¨

Mercedes Alomar Cardell:

¨I bought the Swedish Bluewater Cleone® Balance reverse osmosis purifier with mineralization. The installation was fast and correct so, in a few hours I already had it and I no longer have to buy water bottles.

Vice President  Neighbourhood Community calle Fontsana, Palma:

“We decided on DEIAX-AQUOS® and the  Hague JMS 900 water softener due to the few space it occupies, 10 year warranty and low salt consumption”.

Laura Díaz , Génova, Palma:

“We have put a Hague JMS 700 water softener. In a short time, we have noticed a hair improvement, softer, less caked, we do not have itchy skin and the dishes look much brighter”.

Elionor Morante, Palma:

¨Previously, I had used other water purification systems. The  Bluewater Cleone® conveys a great sense of robustness and reliability. In addition, the team that installed it to us was punctual, compliant and very professional¨.

Cintia Ortiz, San Agustín:

¨ We bought the Bluewater Spirit 300 purifier and connected it to a tap, dispenser and dishwasher. This equipment fills your glass of water very quickly and we also enjoy cold, sparkling and weather water. In the same installation we put a Hague JMS 700 water softener. My husband finds it very practical, that consumes few quantity of salt and how compact it is.