Is the water of my water purifier safe? Are they bacteria?

Certainly, bad microorganism such virus and bacteria can contaminate a water dispenser, purifier or cooler if it is not well kept, installed or basic procedures are not followed. For these reasons, this quarter at DEIAX-AQUOS® we like to talk more about contamination of your water, bacteria and how we can prevent these from entering our water systems where you drink water. Below are five reasons why proper sanitation of water purifiers or dispensers combined with best practices in the day-to-day usage and effective installation by trained personnel is important to have healthy water: Avoiding unhealthy water Although DEIAX-AQUOS® products are selected and designed to


Marathon, wedding, corporate event, or music festival? Take a stand against single-use plastics and make your event stand out from the crowd. Let DEIAX-AQUOS® with our BLUEWATER H20 water station hydration solutions bring event-goers good, clean water and event organizers a smart way to walk the sustainability talk and the possibility to personalize your water station, very powerful for branding! PARTNERSHIPS FOR GREAT DRINKING WATER Whether providing water for a large event or a small venue, you can count on DEIAX-AQUOS® for the best drinking water solution for your needs with Bluewater H20 by DEIAX-AQUOS® purified water technology. Our commitment to delivering


DEIAX-AQUOS® ambassador of Mallorca Preservation Foundation, has collaborated with the APAEMA Association and specifically with the S’Obrador APAEMA, project. APAEMA is a non-profit association that promotes organic agricultural production. In S’Obrador APAEMA, an industrial kitchen located in the facilities of the Productors Baleares de Fruits Secs cooperative (Binissalem), preserves and other preparations with vegetable products and legumes are prepared, giving support to rural, local, and ecological entrepreneurs. DEIAX-AQUOS® has donated and installed during this month of July in the Obrador kitchen a water filtration and purification system so that they can cook, as well as wash the fruits and vegetables that are used


In the last 12 months, due to COVID-19, many owners of their fincas in the Balearic Islands have been confined and have lived long periods. During this long stay, many of them have asked us for help in assessing whether the water in their wells is consumable and even drinkable for human consumption. The water from the wells is not municipal water, it comes from a private source, it is not regulated or treated. For these reasons, it is very important to take the correct steps to determine if the water is drinkable and of a good enough quality to consume


For the last 12 months, due to the COVID19 we have seen through our customers an increase number of requests related to the maintenance of their water treatment & filtration appliances. Families and business, stay or work more at home and they are using their equipment more than ever. The COVID19 has also raise the awareness of the importance of good quality water for drinking, showering, cleaning among other. Water purifiers – osmosis machines and water filters: from these machines you drink water; therefore, from a security standpoint, they are top priority. Non appropriate maintenance can lead to poor water quality


1. Source   2. Treatment   3. Distribution   4. Storage   5. Use   6. Collection  7. Discharge     1. Source: the water has to come from somewhere. Often, it comes from surface water like lakes, rivers and reservoirs. But it doesn’t have to. Groundwater can also be pumped up via wells. In Mallorca the main reservoirs are Gorg Blau and Cúber. We also have 3 main natural springs of water, which are Font de la Vila, Font de Mestre Pere and Font D´en Baster. Moreover, we also need the support from the Son Tugores water purification plant (industrial reverse osmosis technology) and the IDAM Bahia de

Is the water in Mallorca that I drink at home save and of high quality? Bottled water, filtrated or from the faucet?

These days, in the wake of COVID19, we have numerous questions from customers concerned about the quality and safety of the water they drink. For this reason, this month we dedicate our Newsletter to the quality and safety of the water you drink at home. We can classify water into three different categories according to its quality and type of application: water for irrigation, for hygiene and cleaning at home and drinking water which requires the highest level of quality and safety. Fresh, clean water used for cooking and drinking. Unfortunately, in the Balearic Islands, the quality of municipal water (or wells) does not have the quality or

We will participate at ETV, Mallorca

Feria ETV is the only holiday tourist housing fair held in Mallorca. We will be in Sa Pobla during the month of May. Visit us at Booth No. 9

We will be at Aquatech 2019, Amsterdam

Aquatech Amsterdam is the world’s leading water fair for the purification and treatment of water and wastewater. We will be there from November 5 to 8.