Cafeteria solutions

“Good for the customers of the cafeteria, good for you, good for the planet”

Our solution for coffee shops brings you the best quality of water for coffee lovers. Purified water with Swedish SuperiorOsmosisTM technology that offers the best water purification along with our mineralization process that offers the ideal texture and balanced PH. Our technology is one of the official Starbucks suppliers in Germany. Furthermore, the same system can offer you the possibility of connecting your ice machine, water dispenser and dishwasher.

  • Premium Purification: purified water to supply your coffee maker and obtain the best coffee.
  • Balance: mineralization added in a controlled way offering the best texture, PH and flavor for coffee lovers.
  • High flow and capacity: the same purifier allows you to connect the dishwasher, water dispenser or even sale your own water.
  • Differentiation: offer the best water for coffee shops that want to serve the best coffee.
  • Satisfied customers: the possibility of offering the best water quality for the best coffee.
  • Compact: our solution is the most compact and powerful on the market, freeing up space.

In addition, we help you with turnkey solutions, where we take care of visiting you to understand your needs, analyze your water, advise you with the best solution and execute a turnkey solution.

The main benefits of Cafeteria Solutions are:

superior water quality vs
traditional technologies

Mineralization to obtain
the texture and PH for
the best coffee


Ultra violet sterilisation
chemical free

Eliminates plastic.
No emissions.
Responsible H20 consumption

Contact one of our experts and we will introduce you to our concept of professional solutions for coffee shops.