Total Kitchen Solution

At DEIAX-AQUOS®, we offer you the Total Kitchen Solution. This solution is the most advanced and complete on the market, for those people who expect the best and want soft water throughout their home and purified water of high quality throughout their kitchen with the latest patented technologies; SuperiorOsmosis™  Swedish and WaterMax® American.

Our solution allows you to have all your kitchen with purified water of high quality, so you can enjoy water to drink fresh and instantly, enjoy crystal clear dishes without bacteria (we connect the purifier to your dishwasher), crystalline ice cubs, connect your coffee maker and the comfort of drinking cold, hot and gas water thanks to our Fizz30 dispenser.

With our Total Kitchen Solution, you also have access to our water softening solution with the most modern and patented technology on the market. Our soft water system removes the white spots of your bathrooms and kitchen, makes your hair softer, reduces the dryness of your skin, the soap penetrates better, your clothes are softer, lengthens the life of your pipes & appliances and reduces your energy bill.

With the Total Kitchen Solution its main benefits are







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