Other solutions

“Other solutions such as humidification for terraces or fruit, private wells or even clean water to fresh water”

At DEIAX-AQUOS®, thanks to our technical capacity, state-of-the-art water purification and treatment technologies and experience, we are able to offer highly technical solutions for the most complex needs. For example, we have experience in fields such as:

Humidification: Thanks to the SuperOsmosis™ technology together with our WaterMax® water softening systems we help groceries and terraces to pulverise and humidify their fruit or terraces better. The high level of purity and capacity of our systems gives us a competitive advantage that results in lower costs and fewer breakdowns.

Private wells: We also specialize in private wells, which are often complex. Wells often suffer from high levels of minerals, iron types, sands, sulfates, or even gases. All these elements make it necessary to have a highly technical and responsible team, to convert water from your well into drinking water, fresh, crystalline and above all, safe to drink.

Safe water: Another guild where we have acquired a wide experience is in solutions for healthy water. Thanks to our technical capacity and our technological solutions, in DEIAX-AQUOS® we are able to convert clean water into drinking water, safe, crystalline and fresh to drink. Normally these solutions are installed on farms, houses, businesses or even on yachts, where they only have access to sea water.

Washing tunnel: we also offer purification and water treatment solutions for washing tunnels. Our technology allows entrepreneurs to benefit from significant water savings and at the same time obtain inexhaustible levels of purification.

In addition, we help you with turnkey solutions, where we take care to visit you to understand your needs, analyze your water, advise you with the best solution and execute a turnkey solution. We prepare the plumbing, installation of equipment, commissioning, training and maintenance. That way you do not have to worry about anything and you can dedicate yourself to managing your business.

The main benefits of our Solutions are:







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