DEIAX-AQUOS® wash down services

In DEIAX-AQUOS® wash services nautical division we have a professional trained team capable to arrange a total Wash-Down for your yacht with an estimated maximum length of 100 mts.

We are based in Portals Nous, Calvià (warehouse in Palma); therefore, we can start a service within 1 hr. anywhere in Mallorca.

Thanks to our state-of-the-art Baudoin wash equipment, our especially equipped wash vans, and our wash tender boats combined with our pure water mobile station we can do the service with pure water which deliver the best results.

Our equipment contains a complete mobile van including purified hot pure water supply and a filter unit, a tender wash boat 7,5 meter with a 500 L tank with a pump and a wide range of extensible carbon poles and special brushes for painting, deck or other surfaces.

We use state-of-the-art materials for optimal treatment of the paint, deck, stainless steel, and other surfaces.

Our employees are well trained, captain license and go through a extensive training program to ensure the highest safety standard and your customer satisfaction.

We are specialized in the sponge technique with a permanent pure water flow. This is very gentle for the paint; it also guarantees a very effective cleaning and gives a brilliant result.

Our powerful and environmentally sound systems transform dock water into ultra-purified, low TDS water, typically under 20ppm. For perfect spot-free, chamois free washdowns, reducing calc and residue in all appliances, glass wear, showers, and sinks. All this in 50% less time and 50% less personnel than convectional wash services.

For the exterior of the yachts, the Ocean Wash Hybrid Tender will be used with captain and 1 employee. On the wash tender we use strong light carbon fiber poles together with the same purified warm water technique. This allows us to carry out a flexible and safe cleaning up to wind force 5-7.

To save the environment we use a minimum of cleaning agents (less then 1%). We offer you a total wash-down, which means that the entire exterior including windows and ceiling of the yacht are washed in one day with max. 12 persons.

To achieve a perfect planning, an early planning is necessary. Also, after every sea-trails or trip it’s necessary that we organize a perfect wash-down the next day. To keep the paint and all materials in top condition and to achieve a spotless shiny yacht.

Contact us and request a demostration. Our customer service team will be more than happy to coordinate a demostration with you so you can experience the ultimate wash down solution thanks to our DEIAX-AQUOS® wash-down service team and our partner equipment supplier Baudoin from The Netherlands.