Faucets for filtered water

DEIAX-AQUOS® adds an additional quality and performance option to water purification and filtration. Three-way taps so you can have 3 types of water. Filtered water, hot and cold street water.


These faucets allow you to take advantage of the current hole in your sink without having to make an additional hole for a separate tap for filtered water.


Even if you wish we have solutions with up to 7 types of water. 5 types of filtered water (sparkling water, with less gas, cold, weather and hot at 95 º C) 2 types of street water (cold and hot). See BluSeven.

Our faucets are equiped to be conected to our water purification solutions, allowing you to enjoy a full solution. We help you with the installation and commissioning thanks to our certified technicians.


In addition, these taps are manufactured in Europe with the highest quality and 5-year guarantee.

Alabama shiny black

Amanda metalic black

Matt Black


Altea removable

Alabama gold

Amanda white

Chef removable

BLANCO – removable (also available in white color)

Chef folding

Cardio Inox


Trio premium

Urban Caiman


ESLA White (available in black)