Villas and well solutions

In DEIAX-AQUOS®, we offer you water treatment and filtration for villa wells

Private wells, as they may be on villas, can frequently have levels of minerals, iron, manganese, sulfates, silicates, chlorides, sand mud, high turbidity and even bacteria such as coliflores and Ecoli; they can make well water undrinkable or of good quality. For example, with our high-quality UV sterilizers, you can implement solutions to disinfect your well water before it enters your residence. Read more about UV sterilisers.
Security, technical capacity and experience. It is important to note that partnering with an expert team with experience and technical capacity is essential. Managing a well can be complex. Knowing how to do the correct analytics, offer a water treatment and filtration solution along with a preventive maintenance program and comply with legal regulations is very important so that you can consume the water from your well both for hygiene and cleaning or even for drinking without any health risk.

Our solution villas and wells. Filtration of your well turbidity, pre-filtration of metals, phosphors, nitrates and bacteria, descaling with Watermax® technology and UV sterilization for your safety.

With villas and wells solution its main benefits are:






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