Office solutions

“Good for your employees, good for you, good for the planet”

Professional office solution: Comprehensive solution for water purification and dispensing in your office. Access to purified water with Swedish SuperiorOsmosisTM technology benefiting from unlimited water in your office (chill, sparkling, ambient and hot), without stocks, safe, economic savings and the most sustainable solution on the market.

Wide array of models over the counter or under the counter with flexible programs. Either purchasing or renting the equipment, which includes technical service 365 days a year and preventive maintenance programs.

  • Fresh water: made instantly, purified, weak mineralization and disinfected without chemicals.
  • More space: compact equipment and no need to store bottle water.
  • Stock guarantee: water always available without limit.
  • Differentiation: personalise your bottles reusable – washable and enhance your brand and branding.
  • Satisfied clients: share sustainability values ​​with your clients and employees.
  • Communication and training: we help them with the strategic communication plan, training and customise your logo in your bottle.

The main benefits of Office Solutions are:

superior water quality vs
traditional technologies

Unlimited water on demand,
Chill, ambient, sparkling & hot

Eliminates plastic.
No emissions.
Responsible H20 consumption

Ultra violet sterilisation
chemical free


Contact one of our experts and we will introduce you to our concept of officce solutions.