High quality water dispensers for elgant offices from the hand of Borg&Overström.

Professional office solution: water purification and dispensing in your office, benefiting from instant purified-filtered water, without the need to store bottled water, Your benefits are:

  • Instant resh water with weak mineralization.
  • Sustainable: elimantes singles use of plastic & transport.
  • More space: no need to store bottled water.
  • Stock guarantee: water always available.
  • Differentiation: personalise your bottles reusable and washable.
  • Satisfied clients: share sustainability values ​.
  • Purchase or rent the equipment.
  • Available configurations:
    • Chill and atmosphere.
    • Chill, with gas and atmosphere.
    • Chill, with gas and hot at 95º C.
    • Chill, hot 95º C and ambient.

Available models of over and under the counter:

Borg Överstrom B6 integrated LED


Borg Överstrom B4 over the counter


Borg Överstrom B3 tower format


Borg Överstrom B5 fountain format


Silver, black and white colors


Borg Överstrom T2 stainless steel


Borg Överstrom T2 black matt


Borg Överstrom T1 black matt


Borg Överstrom T1 stainless steel


Borg Överstrom T3 for hot beverage


Instant filtrated water

Unlimited water on demand,
Chill, ambient, sparkling & hot

Eliminates plastic.
No emissions.
Responsible H20 consumption

Ultra violet sterilisation
chemical free

Your logo on your bottle

Contact one of our experts and we will introduce you to our concept of officce solutions.