At DEIAX-AQUOS® we offer filtrated water at the source of consumption for your restaurant. Water with weak mineralization, sterilized by ultraviolet without chemicals and equipment manufactured in Canada, USA, Italy, Germany and Sweden by world leading brands in water treatment and respected in the industry. From our high-end solutions with SuperiorOsmosisTM technology made in Sweden, which removes substances that affect your smell, taste and health, to other models of direct flow water filtration-purification reverse osmosis solutions made in Europe. Our water is freshly filtered at the point of source with many advantages for the consumer over bottled water. The water is fresh and instantly filtered, disinfected by chemical-free ultraviolet technology to prevent the growth of bacteria or pathogens and guaranteeing maximum safety for our consumers. Unlike bottled water, which is stagnant for many months with risks of bacteria, transported many kilometres generating emissions and generating single-use plastics. All this with our personalized reusable bottles that are bacteria free, washable, reusable, offering a sustainable solution. Our solution eliminates single-use plastics, polluting emissions and we promote responsible water consumption. Purified water, which complies with Royal Decree 140/2003 and the WQA ( Water Quality Association) and the NSF to guarantee your maximum safety.

  • Market and sale your own water with a custom bottle reusable and washable.
  • Savings: significant cost reduction by eliminating purchases of bottled water and productivity gains.
  • Sustainable: eliminates single-use of plastic, emissions and responsible water consumption (low rejection technology).
  • Flexibility: we adapt to your needs with rental or purchase programs with technical service 365 days a year.
  • Differentiation: personalise your bottles and enhance your brand and positioning.
  • Fresh water: produced instantly at the point of source, without stagnation, without the risk of bacteria growth.
  • More space: super compact equipment and eliminates the need to store bottled water.
  • Stock guarantee: water always available unlimited.
  • Satisfied clients: share the sustainability values ​​with your clients and employees.

The main benefits are:


Swedish patented technology


Free ups space up to 600%

Cost reductions and productivity gains

Eliminates plastic.
No emissions.
Responsable H20 consumption


365 days and preventive maintenance programs

In addition, we help you with turnkey solutions, we visit you in order to understand your needs, analyse your water, advise you with the best solution and execute a turnkey solution.

Contact one of our experts and we will introduce you to our concept of professional solutions.