DEIAX-AQUOS® is a family business, established in 2017, specialized in water purification-filtration and treatment, based in Portals Nous, Calvià, Mallorca. DEIAX-AQUOS® was born due to the need to provide high quality and secured drinking water, reduce the number of plastic bottles in our seas and contribute to a more sustainable planet by reducing emissions and promoting responsible water consumption. Learn in our video about our vision, values and who we are, our products and solutions, in which markets we are present and who is behind the company.

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In our showroom you can see a wide range of products and installations in operation. Ask us for an appointment and we will offer you personalized attention, showing you the products most suitable for your needs.


Water purifiers

Discover our purification, filtration, and reverse osmosis solutions. Our purifiers can eliminate bad taste from water, separate all types of particles and substances.


Descaling solutions

Hard water is the cause of numerous problems, especially in the region in Spain ¨El Levante¨ which includes the Balearic Islands. At DEIAX-AQUOS® we help you with descaling solutions from world-leading brands. Solutions such as water softeners or inhibitors of lime without which work without salt.


Borg&Overström water dispensers

Elegant, high-performance, and quality water dispensers for your office: water filtration with or without reverse osmosis and water dispensing in your office, benefiting from instantly purified-filtered water.


Restaurants – Bluewater H2O

“Good for restaurant customers, good for you, good for the planet.” Our water purification solution and customization of your reusable and washable bottle is the solution on the market with the least water rejection.


Nautical water treatment solutions

Solutions in water makers for salt water, water softeners mobile and integrated, reverse osmosis water purifiers for drinking water, dispensers for fizzy, chill and hot water, wash systems, drone wash down and wash down services.


Quality water and healthy

Water in its purest form does not has color, smell or taste. However, different substances in the vicinity of water and the environment can affect the water…



We provide the safest, most sustainable and technological water…

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Advice and installation

Contact our experts to analyze your water for free and advise you:

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Clients Testimonials

Get to know the opinion and experiences of our clients.

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