Restaurant solutions

“Good for restaurant customers, good for you, good for the planet”

DEIAX-AQUOS®, with its technologies and specialized technical equipment in water purification and treatment solutions, helps restaurant owners and managers to achieve this challenge. DEIAX-AQUOS® helps you to give your clients extraordinary attention to personal care and service.

That is why we have developed a unique restoration solution that helps restaurants improve their environmental profile and show that they are doing well by eliminating the use of single-use plastic bottles in their facilities.

In addition, our SuperOsmosis™ purification system is the market system with less water consumption, more compact, higher capacity and with long life membranes.

All these advantages translate into benefits such as significant savings on your water bill, fewer stops for maintenance, more space in your facilities and a very high capacity and water flow (see vídeo).

You can also customize your glass bottles, with different models and your own logo, to continue to differentiate yourself and help prevent more bottles from ending up on our coast.

You can offer purified water to your customers, whether cold, gas or weather; through our dispensers.

The main benefits of Restaurant Solutions are:






Contact one of our experts and we will introduce you to our concept of professional solutions for restaurants.