Is the water in Mallorca that I drink at home save and of high quality? Bottled water, filtrated or from the faucet?

These days, in the wake of COVID19, we have numerous questions from customers concerned about the quality and safety of the water they drink. For this reason, this month we dedicate our Newsletter to the quality and safety of the water you drink at home.

We can classify water into three different categories according to its quality and type of application: water for irrigation, for hygiene and cleaning at home and drinking water which requires the highest level of quality and safety. Fresh, clean water used for cooking and drinking.

Unfortunately, in the Balearic Islands, the quality of municipal water (or wells) does not have the quality or the security necessary for it to be drunk safely and healthily without any treatment. In general, when we analyze the water, we find hardness’s above 20 degrees German dH and more than 350 TDS (total dissolved particles). Even in the wells, we have found bacteria such as Coliforms and E. coli among others, which can be harmful to your health. This is the reason why so many houses and offices in the Balearic Islands buy bottled water, solutions in carafes or, in recent years, filtration solutions such as reverse osmosis, filter systems or other cutting-edge solutions such as Superior Osmosis de Bluewater, Swedish technology.

Filtration solutions are gaining popularity. Now, it is important that these solutions are ultra-filtration due to the poor quality of the water in the Balearic Islands. In other places, such as Madrid, basic filter-only solutions may be sufficient, but unfortunately in the Balearic Islands they are not. We, DEIAX-AQUOS®, have analyzed well-known filtration systems, such as the Pentair Everpure or Britta filters (which we sale) , with state-of-the-art photometric analysis equipment, and we can conclude that they do not remove heavy metals, pesticides, chlorine, or residual drugs in the water, among others. They improve the water but the problem is that the incoming water in Mallorca is way too bad! Just filtration is not enough.

We are of the opinion that the safest, highest quality and most sustainable solutions are those with filtration-purification systems that have a sediment + active carbon pre-filtration to eliminate bad tastes and, finally, an ultra-filtration through a membrane. If it’s Superior Osmosis from Bluewater, made in Sweden even better, the best quality and premium purification levels (see video).

It is also interesting and advisable to re-mineralize the filtered-purified water, so that it regains the properties of minerals, a balanced PH and texture, but always in a controlled way since in excess it could cause problems such as kidney stones, among others.
Even if you want maximum safety, you can disinfect the water with ultraviolet type solutions. These are very important in vacation homes, where the equipment is without water consumption for long periods (more than 1 month). If the water does not circulate through the pipes, over time, it can promote the growth of bacteria. We must remember that filtration equipment removes chlorine, which is a disinfectant chemical that companies like the local municipal water company, EMAYA in Palma, Hidrobal in Calvià add to disinfect water (chlorine is an effective chemical to disinfect).

DEIAX-AQUOS® is the official distributor of Bluewater, the world’s leading Swedish brand in purification-filtration and the patented SuperiorOsmosis technology, probably the best technology in the world with references such as Four SeasonsStarbucks, Volvo, McDonalds and leading hotels, restaurants and hotels in Mallorca.
Regarding UV sterilization, we are also the official distributor of VIQUA, Canadian company and number 1 in the world.

What are the main advantages of filtered-purified water vs bottled water?
We avoid that single-use plastic bottles end up in the sea.We eliminate the emissions derived from the transport of bottled water.
• The water is fresh and purified instantly. Not stored for many months.

• Not exposed to the sun or in unsanitary environments.

• Bacteria or pathogens do not grow because the water is not stagnant as when it is bottled or stored in tanks.

• Comfort and well-being. The water is purified at its point of consumption.

• Not stored. It is not necessary to store water or have stocks that take up space.

In addition to the quality and safety of the water, it is also important to educate consumers that popular technologies such as reverse osmosis, to produce 1 liter of filtered-purified water, throw 3 liters down the drain (75% rejection).Hence the importance of choosing technologies for responsible water consumption, such as SuperiorOsmosis, which only discards 1 liter and drink 3 in the filtration process (only 30% rejection).

If you want more information, visit our website www.deiax-aquos.com or contact us and one of our professionals will help you with your water needs to drink at home.